Steel and Zinc Alloy Jewelry

When it comes to stainless steel jewelry and zinc alloy jewelry, people trend to think the former one is in a higher grade, safer and do no harm to us. One of reasons for it is we get touch with stainless steel tableware at meals every day. It is a fairly normal idea that I can eat with it, and I am sure can wear it.

Alloy jewelry may potentially start to tarnish during normal use, or even cause allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin.

Here is an image of two pieces of bangle.The left one was made by alloy and turned yellow. The right one was made by stainless steel. You would not believe that the left one was used to look lustrous as the right one. As time goes by, its coating worn off, turned dull and looked like rusty. The silver tone of the right one was formed after the bangle was being polished, not plating involved. You have no worries about tarnish and allergy when you are wearing a steel piece.

Zinc Ally Bangle and Stainless Steel Bangle

We expect our customers to wear our accessories on different occasions, such as when they go on a beach vacation. What a bummer that our necklace or bracelet discolour after a prolonged exposure to the moist air and sea.