Mirror Polishing

Jewelry market is a good business but highly competitive, and good quality can bring lasting profits. For stainless steel jewelry, a shiny and glossy appearance is the key to the quality of it. It is intuitive if its surface is with any scratch or pit, which can be seen at first glance. That is why polishing is one of the key processes that determine the appearance of stainless steel jewelry. After being polished, the jewelry piece will achieve a smooth, mirror-like surface.

As a surface treatment in jewelry manufacturing, mirror polishing is a term that many jewelry suppliers will mention to their customers. However, mirror polishing is not the same as mirror polishing. You may be confused about what I am talking about. To put it simply, the terminology is the same, but the works made by different manufacturers will differ.

Contrasting Difference of Polishing Quality

There are many types of Dominic Toretto’s cross pendant necklace from The Fast and the Furious in the market. Please see the picture below, the right one was what we made, and the left one was what we bought in the market. You can tell that even though both of them can reflect, our cross is cleaner, shiner, and as bright and reflective as a mirror with a much higher degree of surface polishing. This excellent mirror polishing will boost the quality of jewelry piece itself. Welcome to contact us if you want a free sample of this cross.

Different Grades of Cross Pendant Necklace from Fast & Furious

Here is another comparison image of medical ID bracelet. The polishing degree is different. I’m sure you can quickly tell which one is made by us and which one is with a better quality.

Medical ID Bracelet with Caduceus Icon