Magnet in Magnetic Clasp

Stainless steel magnetic clasps are mature product for us. In this blog, you will learn more about the magnet in our jewelry clasps and why our quality is outstand.

The magnet for our jewelry clasp is neodymium magnet, also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnet, which is made from a nonrenewable resource of rare earth. The grade of magnet we are using the most is N45. N48 and N52 are optional when customers are looking for stronger magnet. We have been cooperating with reliable magnet factories in the market for years. Stable performance of our magnet is guaranteed.

  1. Precise size. The diameter tolerance for magnet is controlled at +/-0.03.
  2. Three-layer protection. The surface treatment is nickel-copper-nickel electroplate. The coating achieves stainless steel silver tone and improves abrasion and corrosion resistance that could be exposed to salt fog up to 24 hours.

Unlike ni-cu-ni coating, zinc plated magnet has a silvery white surface, and it is more suitable for products that do not require particularly high quality on its appearance and anti-oxidation.

Coating Color
Neodymium Magnet Process Flow