China Fashion Jewelry

If you’re looking for a fashion jewelry manufacturer with wholesale price and good quality, you’ve come to the right place!

JX Jewelry is your professional supplier of stainless steel fashion jewelry with OEM& ODM service, specializing in necklaces & pendants, bracelets & bangles, rings, earrings, etc. MOQ can be as low as 1 piece.

China Fashion Jewelry Factory

If you’re looking for a fashion jewelry manufacturer with wholesale price and good quality, you’ve come to the right place!

JX Jewelry is your professional supplier of stainless steel fashion jewelry with OEM& ODM service, specializing in necklaces & pendants, bracelets & bangles, rings, earrings, etc. MOQ can be as low as 1 piece.


Basic Chain, Pendant, Choker


Cuff, Bangle, Anklet, Tennis


Studs, Hoops, Drops, Piercing


Band, Signet, Statement

Magnetic Clasp

Leather Bracelet Making


Engraved Bracelet Making


Engraved Necklace Making

CNC Lathe Machining

Parts of Steel, Iron, Copper, Alu

  • Hypoallergenic / Durable / No Tarnish / Affordable
  • Merchandise on your fashion line
  • Souvenir Craft to Tourists
  • Promotional Gifting on event
  • Holiday Gifting to Friends, Families, or Relatives
  • Corporate Gifting to Employees, Clients, or Prospects

Invest $300

Fashion Steel Jewelry with Your Design

Stone Setting

the art of no-glue setting

Hot-sale Jewelry

  • Adjustable Slide Knot Cord Bracelet...

  • Blue Diamond Eivl Eye Stud...

  • Pave Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

  • Personalized Embroidery Tassel Friendship Bracelet

  • Personalized Text Blank Bar Women...

  • Stained Glass Style Lucky Heart...

  • Summer Beach 18K Gold Wave...

  • Travel Globe World Map Stainless...

Free Sample

Steel Magnetic Clasp
Bracelet and Necklace Making

Discover Your Design Idea

Browse our designs to gain new perspectives, find creative spark and come up with new design ideas!
Effectively Identify Customers’ Preference

Fashion Jewelry Inspiration

Basic Geometric Shapes

Create classic minimalist jewelry with single geometric shape or by combining different patterns. You can go for more irregular shapes from nature setting, weather for example.

Fashion Jewelry Inspiration

Jewelry Material

To enrich stainless steel jewelry designs, we would use a diverse range of complement materials for our pieces, such as leather, cubic zirconia, bead, ceramic, and mother of pearl.

Fashion Jewelry Inspiration

Jewelry Theme

To help you discover and develop the jewelry collections that you favor, we provide a wide range of fashion jewelry themes. For example, rianbow flag places an important role in moden culture.

Customization Service

What Type of Stainless Steel Jewelry Design You can Have from Us

As your professional manufacturer of fashion jewelry, we specialize in helping wholesalers and retailers design and develop your own stainless steel necklaces, bracelets and earrings that match your style and budget. 

  • Select Existing – Provide vast jewelry designs for you to opt.
  • Modify Existing – Modify the size, color, or pattern of our existing jewelry to create similar piece to satisfy your personal taste.
  • Creat New – Create and actualize your unique concept and design.
  • Replicate Old -Manufacture your existing designs that you buy from other jewelry supplier to meet a lower budget.
E-commerce Friendly

Why Selling Stainless Steel Jewelry Online is a Good Buisiness

We have been helping Amazon, ETSY, Shopify sellers start their jewelry business as well as launch and expand their jewelry-related line. Whether you have any prior experience or not, our complete service system including design, production, packing, logistics will cover the whole process, which make it simple and easy to you!

  • Product Friendly – No allergy, no color fading, less post sales issue
  • Budget Friendly – Small investment, emotional purchase, good profit
  • Logistics Friendly – Small size, lower shipping cost
  • Marketing Friendly – Take good advantage of every holiday season, event, festival, celebration, even trending topic.
Compliance with EU Standard

Raw Material

Our mission is to offer beautiful, affordable, and safe jewelry to buyers. We have been working with reliable suppliers of raw material to confirm that our stainless steel is completely free of safety and quality problems. Each piece of our jewelry leaving our factory is lead-free, cadmium-free, and complies with the EU Nickel Directive (EC 1907/2006 REACH Annex XVII, Item 27 Nickel Release), which can help to protect your consumers as well as maintain your business reputation and brand image.

Vacuum Coating

PVD Plating

You are not just restricted to simply silver tone when we include PVD coating to stainless steel jewelry making. We can provide the pieces in 18K gold, 18K rose gold, black, even blue, rainbow or Bi-tone catering to various procurement preferences in the global market of men’s and women’s fashion jewelry. PVD coating excluding cyanide in any of its process is more environmentally friendly than traditional coating processes. PVD Plated Jewelry features a more durable film, enhancing the quality and longevity of your jewelry.



Welcome to visit JX Jewelry factory, and find out more about our manufacturing processes!

No project is too complex for the expert designing and fabrication team at JX Jewelry. With advanced equipments and skilled teams, we’ve been handling mass production and meanwhile supporting small order with flexibility for a broad range of industries from e-shop to chain store.

We provide one-stop processing and customization service from customers’ incoming drawings and samples to production and delivery. Strictly control the entire 30 processing procedures, including mold making, polishing, grinding, plating, manual secondary quality inspection and each link is indispensable. For 10 years, we adhere to the good product rate of 98% or more.

As a premium jewelry supplier, we are committed to completing your jewelry project accurately, on time and on budget through effective communication, associate interaction, customer interaction, and product knowledge. We have our own designer engineering team to provide fast sampling and design customization services to solve customers’ blind spots and deficiencies in style design and jewelry production. You can rest easy knowing your customized project is in the hands of one of the best jewelry making specialists around.

CNC Engraving
Laser Marking
Drum Polishing
Machine Polishing
Hand Polishing
Stone Glue Setting
CNC Stone Setting
Chain Weaving
Ultrasonic Cleaning
PVD Plating